Peter Crompton
Planning & Regeneration



Peter is responsible for regeneration, planning and economic development. Having co-founded the organisation in 1982, he have over 30 years experience of private sector consultancy, working throughout the UK and as far afield as South Australia.

Prior to 1982 he was Sales Manager with Warrington Runcorn New Town Corporation, responsible for business development planning, UK and USA sales programmes and investment finance.

Peter specialises in land and property strategy and marketing and implementation consultancy work covering the follow areas:

  • Public and private sector marketing strategies
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Regeneration studies
  • Real estate development
  • Scheme conceptualisation.

He also has extensive community consultation and empowerment experience.

Peter also has strong partnership development skills honed through various commissions and direct involvement with the public-private sector economic partnerships. He has carried out a number of UK and EU funded programme evaluations in England, Wales and Ireland. He has recently retired as Chair of Warrington & Co, the place team responsible for overseeing the physical regeneration of Warrington. He also Chairs the Birchwood Forum.


Peter is a keen football fan, despite this he is an enthusiastic supporter of Preston North End. His favourite player is the Deepdale Duck.


  • Vince Sandwell BSc MRICS
    Managing Director
    01925 281284
  • Simon Roddam
    01925 281282 / 07976 747892
  • Jos Baxendell BSc (Hons)
    Non-Executive Director
    01925 281283 / 07976 754962
  • Charlotte Kelly
    Office Manager
    01925 822112
  • Greg O'Hara MA BA(Hons)
    01925 281281 / 07821 660252
  • Anthony Meulman BE (Chem) MRegDev
    Associate Director
    01925 281288
  • Chris Wilson MTCP MA PhD
    Senior Regeneration Consultant
    01925 281289
  • Martin Owen BA (Hons)
    Regeneration Consultant
    01925 281286
  • Blessing Awujo BSc (Hons)
    Graduate Regeneration Consultant
    01925 939670
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